almost jumping

Fuck the rain!

Wow!! Why haven't I gone to more concerts? I had so much fun last night. My friends and I stood in the pouring rain for an hour and got completely drenched and freezing cold, but it was worth it. The opening act was Zoe Keating. What she does is pretty cool, she plays the cello with a synthesizer, she plays little parts and then plays them back and plays them over and over, layering and taking away. It was really beautiful, but I was exhausted. I had been standing on my feet all day at my new job (I have sooo much to say about that), I only had a half an hour to sit down before I went to the concert. So, by this point, after all the waiting, I nearly feel asleep standing up as I listened to the cello.

My friends love Imogen Heap, but I really didn't know who she was. This girl had such a fantastic voice- better than on the cd, and more than that, she was just so fucking charming and funny. Her personality was so incredible, she just seemed so sweet and happy.

I took pictures, but they turned out kinda shitty because I'm only 5'2" and I can't see over people, I have a lot of random heads in my pictures. I'll post them on myspace.


I'm pissed. I was going to go see Belle & Sebastian and the New Pornographers, but it costs $85 for two. My dad was going to come with me, he loves Belle & Sebastian. Why the fuck are they so expensive?

Whatever. Tomorrow, I'm going with my friends to see Imogen Heap at Neumos.

By the way, according to this quiz I'm pretty damn preppy. Should I dye my hair blonde? Seriously. I think that girls are perceived completely differently if they are blonde. I know girls who have been completely ignored until the day they dyed their hair, then they became popular and loved and amazing. I mean, I have lots of friends and I love the way my life is, but people still see me in one certain way. I have been thinking... would people still see me as that annoying smart girl if my hair wasn't brown? I could become a cheerleader too...

You scored as Prep/Jock/Cheerleader.



Drama nerd


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Eric called me and played "Etoile de Neige" on his harmonica. Then he made me laugh with his Quebecois accent. I can't wait to go to Canada.


Yesterday I talked to a ghost from my past. We talked for about twenty minutes, I had forgotten how easy it was to talk to him and I wonder why we aren't friends. He's the type of boy who talks like he's in a daze, I always have trouble deciding whether he's high or just spacey. But even so, he's insightful. He reminded me of how we used to be, and how we've changed. I began to think about the choices I've made, and whether or not they were the right ones to make.

Then today, I got home and I had an envelope in my mailbox. It was addressed to me, in my own handwriting. At the end of Freshman year our English teacher had asked us to write a letter to ourselves as Seniors in highschool. Now, here was the letter, in my hands. I really took it seriously. I can't help but wonder if my 14 year old self would have been proud of the person I have become. I said somethings in the letter that were soooo wrong that it made me laugh. I'm different now, I didn't anticipate changing so much. It also made me notice the things I'm missing. I had some goals and expectations for myself that I didn't meet and will not meet.

I don't really know what to think right now.


There is this thing called the The Global Film Initiative, a foreign film festival that travels around the country. It goes to big cities like New York, Miami, Seattle, LA... and Vashon. The theater on Vashon wrote a letter to the company telling them about how Vashon's a tiny little isolated island, and now they send a few of the films to Vashon for free. Today my government class went and saw "Stolen Life", a Chinese film. A lot of the people didn't like it, but I didn't think it was bad, I thought it was really well done. It was so sad though, I don't think I can ever possibly trust guys again. This girl's boyfriend cheated on her and then ended up selling their baby. See the movie, then you'll understand.



Last year I fell in love with snowboarding. I snowboarded back in middle school, but I had stopped in highschool because my parents don't ski or snowboard. When I was in Annecy, I was part of a skiclub and went to a different resort in the Alps every week. I got so addicted.

I guess my whining finally got to my parents, because today we went up to the mountains! My mom went and cross country skiied, and my dad downhill skiied for the first time in 33 years. I had a great time with him, I think its pretty cool that he tried again after so long, and hes not bad at all, just slow. He got tired after a while and I spent the last two hours by myself, just listening to my ipod and sailing down the pistes. Gah! I wish it wasn't so expensive or I'd go allll the time!!

When I got home there was a message on the answering machine for me, with a guy speaking in a French accent! I have an interview tomorrow night at Maximilien, a French restaurant in downtown Seattle. I sent in an application, but I figured that they wouldn't consider me because I'm so young. I really hope the interview goes well, it'd be awesome to work at a restaurant. And one where I could (potentially) speak French? Even better.

Wish me luck!


YOU REALLY MUST SEE THIS!! Please click there.


dont stop the music

woooooowwwww. Open Mic ROCKED today. Seriously. We had people that performed so incredibly well. I got really excited when some boys started to play "the new year" by Death Cab, then I got even more excited when more boys played "Where is My Mind?" by the Pixies (the instrumentals were great, but I could have done the vocals much better than they did). The best part was a friend of mine who went up and played "Rocky Racoon" by the Beatles. He has such a beautiful voice, I know this boy will be famous.

I can't stop listening to Boom Bap Project. ("Odds On Favorite")


My mom and I saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday. It was really very sad and very beautiful. It didn't even seem awkward that it was about two gay cowboys, it just seemed like a love story. It has the most gorgeous shots of Wyoming, it makes me realize that my country is astoundingly beautiful. I want to get in the car and drive out in the wilderness and climb a mountain.

Tolo is coming up... and I think I'm going to ask someone. I hate the preparation for dances, its so annoying to try and find dates. I don't even really want to go, but its expected of me. I asked this boys exgirlfriend if she minded if I asked him and she kinda got quiet and icy. I really don't want to hurt anyone, thats not my intention. Besides, maybe he'll say no...



I talked to Mathilde today! And I called Colombe! Its great to have today off, I can talk to all my favorite Frenchies. I haven't spoken to Mathilde in months and months. Talking to these girls made me seriously miss the St. Mich kids. 1L was an awesome awesome group of people. I want to be back in our class talking about les penguins et les goitruese and watching RRRrrrr! They filled me in on everything that is going on in Annecy and told me what they are doing next year. Co is visiting me in Seattle next Summer for three weeks, it'll be fantastic to see her. We're going on a trip to LA together. I talked to William yesterday, he's moving to Paris next year. I REALLY REALLY want to visit him there. The idea of being in Paris with him sounds like so much fun, he's promised to show me all around. I feel so comfortable with him, I miss him terribly.(Gilles, I want to see you too when I go there).



Three day weekend! Thanks MLK. We really do know all that you've done for us.

Yesterday was a bit of a letdown for me. A girl at my work quit and I offered to take her shifts this weekend, so I worked yesterday from 1-5. I said I'd do that and didn't remember that the Seahawks first playoff game was yesterday at 1:30! The Seahawks haven't been in a playoff game in 22 years. In other words: Seattle's football team really sucks. Until this year! They ended up winning yesterday, if they win their game next week they'll go to the Superbowl. I love watching football. I know thats a little weird for 18 year old girls, but really, I think its fun. I love sports. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am for the Olympics. The Olympics combine two things I love: different cultures and sports! You get to see athletes from all over the world! And Apolo Anton Ohno is so hot, I'll be happy to see him on TV too. I kinda feel like I have been cheated out of the past few Olympics. I was in Italy for the Salt Lake City Olympics and didn't get to watch them, then for the Athens Olympics I had just moved to France and I didn't really have much time to watch them. This year, I'll be in Canada for part of them.


Je déteste le fédéralisme!
Bon, je déteste les examens de gouvernment qui sont sur le fédéralisme.

S'il ne cesse pas de pleuvoir on va se noyer!!

Happy Friday the 13th.

((Il faut souvenir que l'esprit de l'homme est capable de tout.))

Fuck J'adore Starlight Mints!!! Submarine #3!!!


Halleluja! Daypop is back! But it informed me of this shit, which really pisses me off. There is a CAMERA embedded into it! And its four times faster than my powerbook! Why didn't I wait a month? I kinda wish I had a PC now so I could use google pack. Yesterday after school a friend of mine and I took our laptops to a cafe and studied, we had them back to back and looked like such nerds. I took a picture with my phone, it was brilliant.

You know the saying "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"? I'm getting tired of doing that, holding my enemies so close is beginning to significantly affect my morale.


la pluie!

It has rained everyday for the past 29 days. And it will rain all this week. I don't remember the last time I saw the sun.

music- Cloud Cult- "Happy Hippo"


Damnit Janet!!

Last night at 10pm I was sitting at home, knitting a scarf and watching The Goonies when Brit called and told me that we were going to go out to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Admiral Theater.

This was such a crazy experience. I went over to her house and we spent the next two hours getting dressed. I had to wear a black miniskirt and red fishnet tights... and a corset. Her mom had to sew the corset onto my bra so it fit right, and then they tightened it so I couldn't breath at all. I almost fell over when she was pulling it tighter and tigher. Dear God, I am so happy I'm not a prostitute, they must take so long to get dressed.

At midnight I drove us to the theater and we could hear people yelling before we got in. The theater was crazy! People were all dressed up in costumes, lots of girls were just wearing underwear or really really short skirts. Personally, I think the movie is bad. It just makes no sense to me, its so incredibly random. BUT the experience is so much fun. We screamed out things all throughout the movie, did the "Time Warp" and threw things! You throw rice during the wedding, toilet paper rolls when they say "Great Scott!", you also throw toast and cards in the air, but I forget why. When it rains in the movie we covered our heads with newspapers and sprayed the air with squirtguns! There were lots of other things like this, it was amazing! Everyone knew what to do and say. One thing that made it really great was that they had a cast of actors acting out the movie on the stage in front of the screen at the same time as the movie played.

By the end of the movie I was really happy but I was in extreme pain from the corset, my stomach hurt and I could barely breathe. When we FINALLY got back home to Brittany's (after a 3am Jack in the Box run) she cut me out of it with some scissors. I have never felt so much relief in my life. Its funny, a corset is supposed to make you skinnier, but it made me FEEL fatter because I was all squished into it.

What a fantastic Saturday night. I'll post pictures once Brit sends them to me.

Is this an American thing? Or do they do it all over the world? They really should.


I like my job, I like working with people. But its recently began to really, really suck. I've worked at GH since August, and so far, I've only made $400 (thats around $3/day-- but I don't work every day). Do you see that number?? Its the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. I can easily babysit for three days and make $400. The problem is that they never want me to work, I only work about an hour and a half a week. I guess this is probably because I'm the least experienced person on the staff, but I'm not getting more experience by not working. Yesterday, I got called in to work because one girl got pinkeye, she was still out this morning so I went into work from 9-1. Then the girl who was supposed to come in at 1pm was really really late. I mean, I'm late sometimes, but not 30 minutes late, who does that? Does she not want a job? As I was there, working like crazy, waiting impatiently for her to come, I was freaking out. I had an interview for college that I was almost late for.

My interview was for Northwestern University in Evanston, Il. I think it went really well. I don't know if my applications are great, but I'm really good at interviews, I'm good at talking to people and selling myself. Then I found out that this other guy from my school was getting an interview there too... thats not good for me. How likely is it that two kids from our silly little island high school will get accepted? Its not going to happen. And this boy is really great, he's the school president and a really great guy (but he's also a cocky asshole), I don't know if I can beat him.

On verra.


Right now I'm reading two books

1)Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison- It makes me think so much that it hurts my mind and I'm loving it, but it makes me feel so fucking guilty for being white.

2)Apparition et Autres Contes d'Angoisse by Maupassant (which Gilles gave me)- I'm surprised that I like this book so much, I thought since it was old French it'd be boring... but its not, its all these crazy stories (seriously, they are insane, about weird dogs and ghosts and stuff) and all of them end up sad. I suppose that's why they are "contes d'angoisse".

Whistler + Snowboarding + Eric + AR = Fun!! (I can't wait to go to Canada!!!)


le debat...

Should I see The Blood Brothers, Minus the Bear, These Arms are Snakes, and Crystal Skulls or Colin Meloy, Laura Veirs, and The Tortured Souls?

I'm too poor to see them both.


Favre is God

Last night at midnight I became very sad... this last year really was the best year of my entire life. I don't want it to be over. Really, my exchange was just starting to get good in January. Last New Years Eve I was ridiculously drunk up at Le Grand Bornand with a bunch of kids from all over the world who had been exchange students in Australia. It was an amazing way to start the year. Then in January and February I started to become really close friends with people. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I never met all the people I met last year. I met so many incredible people who helped me grow up. I started out 2005 a lot more naive and immature than I ended it. Fuck, I really, really, really miss France.

I need to finish my application to Northwestern University (in Chicago) before midnight tonight. One of the questions I need to answer is "Why do you want to go to Northwestern?". And honestly, I have no idea. I just want to get out of Seattle and get on with my life. I just want to go to college!!!

I got my voter's registration card in the mail a few days ago! I'm really an adult now, I can make a difference (ha.).

The best album of 2005 was Sufjan Steven's "Come on Feel the Illinoise!"
If you haven't bought it, you must.


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