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It seems like recently a lot of people have been debating whether or not they are really, truly happy here. Watching other people struggle has really made me question how I feel about where I am right now. I remember back in France, I told myself for the first three months that I was SO HAPPY! I LOVED FRANCE! But really, looking back, I was having fun, but I was lonely and wasn't really feeling fantastic emotionally. So what now? I had a rough couple of weeks surrounding my birthday, filled with stuggles emotionally, physically, and educationally. But then I went away for Thanksgiving, I came back, and I felt so overjoyed. I saw one friend walk into my hall and I was so glad to see him, then another door opened and I saw another girl, and my closest friend here ran up the stairs. And I sat and talked to these kids for two hours, gushing over our weekends and all the things we did and bought and all the homework we still have to do. I am happy here, how could I not be with these people around me? I love that I live with my friends, they drive me INSANE sometimes, but I really feel glad to be in the place that I am, surrounded by so many people who love me so much. When I'm in pain, I have 50 arms reaching out to hug me.

This doesn't stop me from missing my Seattle friends, or my France friends for that matter... I've sincerely neglected some of them, some people who mean the world to me. I'm working on it.

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