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I love you Stephen Colbert

Last night after work I came home and watched Stephen Colbert rip apart President Bush at the White House Correspondants Association Dinner. It was about the funniest thing I ever saw in my life. Bush looked pretty damn pissed at the end. How could they have let him do that live on CNN? At any rate, check it out.
Part 1 is here
and Part 2 is here.
I've always thought that Colbert wasn't half as good as John Stewart, but he really proved himself to me here.



At lunch today my prom date sat down with me and my friends and said "soooo... I know this is the easiest way to make enemies, but..."

And proceeded to tell us that he didn't want to go to the Prom with us. He had just realized how expensive it was. (Think, guys pay for a tux ($75? how much do they cost for a night?), tickets ($80), dinner ($50ish), the limo and hotel ($85)... and other stuff). It really adds up, its a lot of money. But when you ask a girl to go, you are SAYING that you will pay for all that. He knew all about our plans and was really excited to go with us, we had told him all along how much it would cost. I completely understand not having enough money to go, I mean, I don't have much money at all, its hard for me to pay for too, but he shouldn't have asked me to begin with. I honestly think that my friends are more mad at him than I am. They are completely furious that they paid to include him in our plans and now he is backing out. Now the rest of us have to pay more money.

and I'm going to my senior prom alone. Thanks douchebag.



party on

I cannot stop listening to the Shins.

Everyone is extremely excited about the Prom, for me, its not really about the dance its about being with my friends. I'm going in a group of five girls and five guys, my closest friends will be with me. We're going to take a limo and eat downtown before we go to the dance, which is at the Space Needle. Isn't that the most amazing thing in the world? Prom at the Space Needle!!! I haven't been up the Space Needle since I was a little kid. If we can get all of our parents to agree we're going to rent hotel rooms and spend the night downtown. We'll stay at the same hotel as other kids in our class. Sooo in other words, it'll be a crazy hotel party with over 50 seniors. Madness! This is the way to end my senior year.

I realized today that I really love my school, I bitch about it all the time, I whine about how stupid and fake the kids are. Honestly, I'm happy as can be and I'll miss this island more than I'd like to admit next year. I'll probably even miss some of the people.

music- caring is creepy, the shins



so far these are the bands announced to play bumbershoot next year:

Kanye West • AFI • A Tribe Called Quest • Yellowcard • Atmosphere • Hawthorne Heights • Feist • Shooter Jennings • Mates of State • Of Montreal • Matt Costa • The Blood Brothers • Bettye LaVette • the subdudes • Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk • Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings • Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey • Yerba Buena • The English Beat • Gossip • 3 Inches of Blood • Deerhoof • Laura Veirs • Nouvelle Vague • Breakestra • Jamie Lidell • Vashti Bunyan • Dengue Fever • Metric

I'm already excited.

I just had a frustrating talk with a friend, nothing is ever what it appears. I thought I had things figured out, but I definetly didn't.


I'm going to join this ultimate team next year. I'm terribly excited, ultimate is one thing I've really missed recently. I've always been addicted to sports (I've read the sports pages since age 5) but when I found ultimate frisbee I found something I was really good at. I'm such a natural showoff... I love it when people from other teams come up to me after games and tell me how great I am.


my head

I have completely lost track of how to manage my time well, I'm finding it impossible to do my homework. (read 70 pages of crime and punishment, read and take notes on ap gov crap, do all that math work on matrices...). I've stopped thinking about France.
All I do now is talk to kids who are going to school with me in Chicago and leave messages on this addictive university of chicago class of 2010 message board. I need to stop this and reclaim my life. (but I know i wont, itll just escalate until I'm thinking about it even more than I am now.)



Create your own Music List @ HotFreeLayouts!

When the hell did I turn into such an indie girl? A little over a year I had no idea who most of these bands were. If I had done this before I left for France, this would be covered with top-40 music and rap (rap is still awesome, but not the mainstream crap). Now I really love music, and I'm proud of the music I listen to.


paradise now

Last night my friend Christine and I sat around her house, downloading music, talking about college, and eating girl scout cookies. We ended up watching this brilliant movie, "Paradise Now". It was so beautifully shot, and the film really made me think a lot. Its a movie about two men in Palestine who become suicide bombers. I'm not able to comprehend how its possible for a person to kill himself (and others) for his country. But this movie showed me the reasons why they do it, and it doesn't always have to do with the persons country, sometimes its a more personal motivation. I do not condone suicide bombing at all, but this movie really made me stop and think.

Tonight at midnight I'm gonna go see Jet City Improv, which is going to be hilarious, I'm excited. What will suck is waking up at 6:30 to go to work the next day... ouch.


en fin

I talked to two of my best friends on the planet and these girls reminded me of all the reasons I wanted to go to Chicago. So, last night, I signed up and paid my deposits. I'm now officially a student at the University of Chicago. This is pretty damn surreal.


dents de sagesse

My dentist has the most awesome office in the world, its the penthouse on top of the medical-dental building (behind nordstroms). He has this amazing garden on the roof that you can see out the window. Today they put the laughing gas on me and handed me my dentists ipod. I laid there for a while while I got all high on nitrous oxide and my mouth got numb. I remember reading French Glamour and having all the words dance around a bit. And then I was trying to find the postal service on his ipod because i had this CRAZY urge to listen to the postal service, but i couldn't remember what they were called! I eventually found them, thank god. I think its a pretty good idea to give the patient an ipod, i focused on the music instead of my wisdom teeth being ripped out of my head. I made myself a mix of the postal service, frou frou, death cab, the shins, the strokes, the streets, fiona apple, and the white stripes. Great tooth-pulling music.

My mouth hurts now, its still all numb and i sound like a baby trying to talk. I want to feel my tongue again. I'm gonna go take some vicodin now.


This week I drank lots of caffine, studied very hard, and got very little sleep. It was a sucky week. But some cool stuff happened too, my play finally ended and it was Amnesty International's week of student action. Me and the other kids in Amnesty all made t-shirts and had big petition signing things everyday at lunch, I think we might have managed to get some kids interested in it. It really frustrated that in order to make kids sign a peice of paper to help human rights you need to yell at them and bribe them with candy. I'd like to think that we are better than that, that we can take a second to do something that isn't for ourselves.

This weekend one of the most awkward situations of my life happened, someone broke into my email and emailed a friend of mine and told him to ask me to prom. I had to call him and explain to him what happened, it was the weirdest most awkward conversation of my life. We're good, I think.


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