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Last night I had French class... its a little weird that I'm doing this all backwards, taking French class AFTER I move to France, not before. But I don't always chose the easy way. I'm taking an Advanced French course at a local community college, the class has six other people in it- all of them are about 30 years older than me. Some of them are completely terrible, and others are fairly good. I think I'm the best. I can actually speak in it, when I talk, even if the grammar is fucked up, I still sound like I'm fairly comfortable saying what I'm saying. Living in Seattle is easy to loose the French I've learned because I have no one to talk to. My friends who went to Spanish speaking countries can go up to White Center and find a bazillion people to talk to, but there are essentially zero people living here who speak French. So I'm taking this class to keep things up, learning the language in reverse. Its been going pretty well so far, I'm learning WHY I say the things I say. But there are difficult parts when the teacher (a Parisian ballet instructor...) demands me to give her the imparfait first person plural form of some random verb. I can do it, if I think, but I never sat down and learned conjugation like everyone else. I just say what seems right.

I have my first real job interview tomorrow. For a bakery. Whoever thought I'd end up working in a bakery?


I got my ipod replaced! The battery was such shit, it would run for 20 seconds before it died after being charged all night. I was still under warranty so they gave me the new one free, thankfully. They have 60 GB iPods now. Why would you EVER need a 60 GB iPod? In case you happen to have 15,000 songs?

The honeymoon is beginning to end and I'm missing certain people in France very very much. I've already seen two of my French friends here, my host sister Marion from my first family, and my host brother Hugo, from my third family. Seeing them made me unbelievably happy, but now that I know I no longer can look forward to anyone coming to Seattle in the next few months I'm really starting to miss Annecy.

And thats all thats going on with me.


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