almost jumping

As I was walking away from work today I saw that some sort of crime had happened downtown. The streets were blocked off and helicopters were swarming up in the sky. I got home and turned on the TV. A Pakestani man got into the Jewish Federation building downtown and went on a shooting spree, killing one person and injuring 5 or 6 more. This happened about two hours ago, so maybe more people are dead that I know of. This building is one of the most secure in Seattle, they expect attacks, so they have major security- checkpoints, bullet proof glass, etc. How did this happen? It brings all the terrible turmoil in the Middle East closer to home. I don't understand why someone would kill other people, especially if they are religious. What religion says its ok to kill?


Mon Jardin (cet aprem)


Last night was one of those perfect nights. I went to Van Asselt feilds in South Seattle to play frisbee. I know my city fairly well, but this is one part of town that is completely foreign to me. I've really started to love it, there is more to see everytime I drive down there. What is so interesting is the people that live there, the neighborhoods down on that end of town are extremely diverse. My neighborhood is also very diverse, but we have mostly a mix of Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Cambodian. Van Asselt has a large Somalian and Ethiopian population as well, last night when I was down there I saw about twenty little Somalian boys and girls running around playing tag. They were little kids, but all the girls wore long dresses to the ground and headscarves, the boys also had long robes on and sometimes little hats. I love seeing this mix of culture alive in my city, it makes me really proud of wear I live. I wish I could take pictures of all the people I see over there.

The ultimate game was really fun, I'm the youngest woman out there playing, but I'm definetly not the worse player. Everyone is so friendly and accepting and there are some really awesome players. The heat made playing really difficult, but we stuck it out. Afterwards we went out for Pizza at Stellar's in Georgetown. I've been to this restaurant a few times and its probably one of my favorite places in the city. The food is good, but thats not what makes me like it. It just has an amazing atmosphere, the restaurant is retro and trendy and they play amazing music. Its so laid-back-- a huge contrast from the restaurant I work in. I loved talking to the women at the restaurant. Its a special group of people, everyone is from different backgrounds and they are all very interesting. I spent the most time talking to a woman from Tel Aviv, Israel. She went to college at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and has been living in Seattle for a few years since that. She likes it here, but she says that she wants to move back to Israel soon, if she stays here a couple more years she'll make enough money that she'll be well off in Israel (she works for Microsoft). It was interesting to listen to her talk about the war and get a perspective from an Israeli on everything that is currently happening there. I'm really worried about everyone in Lebanon and Israel right now.


So, I apparently know nothing about biology, according to my u of c placement test.

The phospho-lipid bilayer is rigidly held together by covalent bonds between the heads.
True or False?

I said true.


After the past week, I can't think of anything I hate more than these two things:
2)heat so hot that you are sweaty and uncomfortable.

And here is why:
I spent an two and a half hours driving to and from Tacoma to see my friends play in a concert. The traffic made me miss them, then my friends didn't want to watch the other bands, soooo my ticket was wasted, and I spent all that driving just to watch some of my friends eat pizza. (Then again, it was nice to see them, and I wouldn't have been doing anything anyway.) And it was so incredibly hot. Also, the past few days it has just gotten hotter and hotter. I am covered with sweat at work all day long, then I have long, hot bus rides all the way home. On Friday my bus was half an hour late, then it took like an hour and 15 minutes to get home because of the traffic (it usually takes 30 minutes). I'm beginning to hate Metro as much as Crolard. What the hell is going on with this traffic??? Its Seattle, not New Delhi!!

One of my very closest friends is leaving for Peru tomorrow, I'll miss her a lot. She just climbed Mt. Rainier last week, and I'm so fucking proud of her.

I promise no more whiney posts for a while. Promise.



Tomorrow at Hell's Kitchen in Tac-town:

Armus Flyus
Dot Your I's
Pocket Bilt Cannon
Club Drift

Be there, my boys in Club Drift will rock your socks.

Of course, I work till 4... then its rush hour. How the fuck will I get there in time?




Where does he get these pictures?


the aftermath

Well. We didn't win. And a few hours ago, I was mad as hell, everyone at Maximilien was so incredibly depressed and annoyed. I got out of work and looked at my phone and I had missed five calls. One was my friend looking for her sunglasses, three were people calling to gloat about Italy winning (one message said this: "Hey, Anna Rae its... GOOOOAAAAAALLLL ITALLLIAAAAA!!!!!!" and hung up) and one was from Gilles. And then talking to him put me in a good mood and saved me from having a horrible afternoon.

You know, everyone is really worked up about Zizou's red card and his little head butting incident. But at Maximilien, it was really funny. I mean, we were watching it and we didn't see what happened at first and then they replayed it and we all (all 80 people who were crammed in that little restaurant) saw it and we just laughed. I mean, its total bad sportsman ship-- BUT just watch it! It was such a stupid action. We all decided that it was worth it.

So yeah, France lost, I was pissed, but life goes on, and I'm still proud of them.


party time

I've been working so much that I haven't really had much time to go online. And things have been pretty interesting over here in Seattle what with the fourth of july and all.

ANYWAY. I'm pumped for tomorrow, I woke up this morning, opened up the newspaper, read this:

"The Italians haven't beaten the French [in a World Cup match] since 1978," says Wilfried Boutillier, manager at Maximilien, a French restaurant at Pike Place Market. "The Italians talk too much. But that's what they do the best. If they want to come here and watch, they're welcome to. We want to see them cry."

and started to laugh. The quote in this article from my boss is exactly like him, he always talks like this. You see, tomorrow at Maximilien we are going to have two huge HDTVs to play the France-Italy game on. My bosses have invited all the French people they know and we're going to have a huge crazy party. If France loses... well, the atmosphere in the restaurant will be terrible.


Whats that? Who dominated today in the World Cup? Yes, thats right, FRANCE!!! WHOOOOTT!! Allez les bleus!!

(yes, some americans DO pay attention to the World Cup, I am one of them. I love soccer.)


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