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AR is Lovin SIFF

I've been driving all over the city all weekend long. But my waste of gas has all been for very good causes. On Friday night I drove to the U District to the U Village Starbucks to meet my friend Erin. This girl is incredibly sweet, I love hanging out with her. After that we went to the UW and hung out with one of her friends in her dorm room. We sat around talking for several hours. Everytime I go with Erin to the UW I feel like it is my school, that I should be a student there too. I know my way around the campus, I know a ton of kids that go there, I feel completely comfortable. I still think I'm going to school there. I don't know if I'm making a mistake by going to Chicago when I know I'd be happy at the UW. Think of the money I could save.

I worked on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday after work the Danish exchange student from my school met up with me. She's been here for nine months, so there isn't much she hasn't seen. I dragged her accross town to go and see the Seattle Public Library, then we walked to the International District to go visit Uwajimaya. We sat around in an awesome little park drinking bubble tea and eating egg rolls and japanese chocolates.

We drove back to West Seattle to pick up two more friends from the ferry and then all four of us went to the Seattle International Film Festival. We debated for a bit about what to see and ended up seeing "Un Jour d'été", which is directed by Franck Guérin. It was very beautifully shot, and pretty powerful. And the boys in the movie were absolutely beautiful. I forgot how hot French guys are. The girls in it were gorgeous as well. Seeing this movie makes you think every French person is incredibly attractive. After the movie ended the lights went up and the director was there to answer our questions. I wasn't expecting this at all, he was a really nice guy and I ended up going down in the end and talking to him a little bit about the movie. I loved the movie, but if I knew that directors were going to be there I would have end to the movie across the street-- "Les Poupées Russes". Which is one of my favorite movies ever. If I got the chance to talk to Cédric Klapisch I would be deliriously happy.

This morning I gave my friends French Toast and then we all went to Folklife. Folklife is this huge crazy festival filled with awesome music, food, and crafts. We walked around for about three hours exploring. The best thing about Folklife is watching the people. There are so many different types of people that go to Folklife. Its a hippie festival, everyone dresses crazy and is really open and friendly. When I was about to buy an ear of corn we ran into a friend who had just gotten back from Sasquatch. He told us all about it-- he volunteers at the Vera Project so he got to help set up for concerts backstage. He met the Shins, Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine... and had a snowball fight with the lead singer of the Flaming Lips. (There was a hailstorm). He was glowing with excitement and happiness. I'm jealous as hell, but I had a pretty awesome weekend as well.


I Just Tried to Ford the River and My Fucking Oxen Died

Today after school I debated whether I should work out or go to the junction. The Junction won out. I went because I had an urge to try out the new Cupcake Royale across the street from Easy Street (and right by my old work, I peered in and saw my mean old manager). Ok. Cupcake Royale is amazing. Thick yummy chocolate frosting on a puffy vanilla cupcake, I was in heaven. I probably won't ever go there again, its too unhealthy, but it was really awesome to try it out. I want one of their t-shirts.

I am in the mood to go camping. I want to sleep in a tent, have a fire, walk around in the woods and breath in great air. I haven't hiked in months, I need to get outdoors. I think the reason I am thinking this way is because my parents are going on a kayak trip through the San Juan Islands this weekend. I can't go because of work. Also this weekend is the Sasquatch Music Festival in the Gorge, a bunch of my friends are planning on going, but once again, I'll be at home in Seattle. Its cool though, I would love to be doing either of those things, but it'll be relaxing to have the house to myself for a few days. I'm also excited for Sunday, after work I'm going to hang out with the awesome Danish exchange student at my school. I'm going to take her to all my favorite places in Seattle like Uwajimaya and Belltown.

So that's whats new, 13 days of school left. Life is good.


life sucks

What is worse than a bad day? A bad day on the most beautiful day in Seattle. And a bad day following a great day. See, yesterday, I was really really happy. I'm not quite certain why. I just looked up to the sky and started smiling in the morning. I went to my first class and one of my closest friends turned to me and said "You've changed. You look so good, so happy. Stay this way." That made me feel pretty good inside, that my good mood was obvious to everyone.

Today was just the opposite. I hated the world, I'm so tired today, I work too hard at everything and I'm afraid of what will happen to me if I keep continuing at such a fast pace. I started to cheer up later in the day. Then, when I got to my car after school and looked on it, I saw that someone had drawn a huge penis on the window. I don't know what they used to do it, I think it was a hot pocket or a peice of pizza or something. Whatever, it was cheesy and nasty. It was also REALLY hot today so this big dick pretty much baked itself onto my window. And I know the asshole who did it. This other guy who parks his car near mine gives rides to this boy who is the rudest person in the world. I've never met a bigger fuck-up. He's such a nasty little druggie. I'm nice to him, I don't do anything to him at all. You know, looking back on all this, it sounds hilarious. A huge penis drawn on my window? Kinda funny actually. But it wasn't at the time, and it wasn't funny when I tried to wash it off (which took forever).

Luckily, this guy can make me laugh whenever I need to. Oh! And I finally got L'étranger in French, it came to my house in the mail today. My English class is reading the Stranger, by Camus, and I thought I should probably read it in French instead (I've already read it twice in English). Also, we're reading 1984 in Government class. So, the outlook is good. Life sucked today but I'm reading good books and I got a haircut, which always makes everything feel clean and new.


famous boys

So I was being my normal anti-social self on the ferry this morning, sitting near people but not talking to them, just absorbed in my ipod and reading the Stranger, when I stumbled upon the name of my friend's band. What a huge shock. This boy, in the band, is a kid I've known since I was a little kid. We went to preschool, elementary school, and highschool together. We've never been close friends, but we get along and some of my best friends are very close to him. I went to France and he transferred to a school off the island, so I haven't seen him in a while. But then, last weekend, he went in my group of friends to Prom (he's in those pictures down below). And he talked to me a bit about his band and how he's going on tour in the fall. I think its pretty cool that he's getting some press. I have so many brilliantly talented friends, I'm proud.

Bush gave America yet another reason to hate him today. His approval rate is now 29%. And I'm certain he's not finished fucking up.

The Office finale was a killer!!!



Yesterday after I left the YMCA I noticed I had a message on my cellphone. I picked it up, called the answering machine and shivers were instantly sent down my spine. It was a guy with a thick French accent speaking, and I know that anyone who calls me with a French accent is most likely one of my bosses from work. I'm terrified of my bosses. I guess it doesnt make sense, none of them have ever been mean to me or anything. They are just so harsh, so proper. Scary French men. They can be really funny, but I still am frightened of them. Whatever they say, I'll do. Work 20 hours in a day? Yes sir. Work on a school day? I'll see if I can change my schedual around. Jump out the window? Open it for me, and I'm out. It was the owner of my restaurant, asking me if I could work at his other restaurant for a night. This is really a pretty big deal for me. I remember when I was hired the other busser told me that they might eventually give me shifts at XO Bistro, the second restaurant owned by our bosses. But I never really thought It'd happen. So, next week, I'll train for a day and take a shift there. Apparently I'll be given shifts at both restaurants during the summer. The only thing that sucks is the first day I work at XO I'll have to work at Maximilien from 8:30 until 4, then XO from as soon as I can get there until 10pm. Then the next day I'm back at Maximilien for eight hours. I might pass out.
But I'll be making money.


Samedi Soir

My friends are the most amazing people in the world, and look how hot we are:

Prom was great, can you tell how happy I was?

music- Lily Allen


i kept my mouth shut

I spent three hours yesterday taking the AP English Exam, I'm the only kid in my school who chose to take it. No one else is stupid enough to attempt something so difficult.

I made a promise to myself on Monday to not talk about Prom and the drama surrounding it on this blog or to any of my friends who do not go to my school. I feel that I succeeded! So, now I can say, that after tons of effort, lots of random annoyances and frustrating parents, everything is ready for prom tomorrow night. I can't wait to just be with my friends and have a great time. This is supposed to be the biggest party of the senior year of highschool.

One of my friends had the coolest idea. We're making a mix cd. Every kid going in my group told one boy two of their favorite songs, and he burned them onto the cd. While we're in the limo we'll go through the cd and we'll guess who chose to put which songs on it. Its really a challenging project, you need to choose songs that you think everyone will enjoy, that you really like, but you don't want to be obvious that its you who picked the songs. One of my friends told me she was going to put a French song on it so people would think it was me. I ended up choosing Submarine #3 by the Starlight Mints and Don't Say Nothin' by the Roots. I know if I chose Rilo Kiley or Sondre Lerche or something my friends would know in a second it was me.

This man is cool. He walks around New York with his camera, taking pictures of people who are dressed really well. Some of his photography rocks, and you can tell all the people are really flattered and happy to be chosen to be photographed. He knows his shit, and this is now on my favorites list.


I was getting off the ferry today and talking to the German exchange student at my school. I really like this boy, he's done so well here, he's extremely popular, he speaks english great, and he's just such a nice guy that I really wish I knew him better. Anyway, he told me that he was meeting a French exchange student. I got really excited because I haven't seen a French kid in months. Then the boy came and I pretty much embarassed myself. I only spoke about two sentences in French before I left. I just looked at him, this very, very, attractive French boy and I completely got tongue tied. I'm not sure if it was because he was so hot, or because I was uncomfortable talking in French. I feel stupid now, I talk in French at work all the time, no problem. It takes a lot for a boy to make me shut up, I'm usually so good at talking.

The big deal in the US right now are the proposed immigration reform laws. Everyone has their own opinions, I personally don't know what to think. I think everyone should have some chance at a better life, and if they need to come to the US to do it, they should. But I don't agree with us harboring people who aren't paying taxes and actively participating in our country.


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