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School has been a little stressful, the homework never stops, I'm up half the night studying and then I need to wake up at the crack of dawn to go catch the boat. And I've gotten sick, I've been coughing like crazy recently. So, it felt really amazing to sleep in till 6:45 this morning. I had a doctors appointment at 8:20... I got there at 8:45. I feel bad about that, I'm usually so prompt, I don't like being late. I somehow missed the freeway entrance and got lost in Southpark (which is one of these random Seattle ghettos that nobody knows there way around) for a while. It was my first time driving myself downtown, and yes, I got lost, but I didn't hit anyone and I stayed alive.

When I got home I sat around and did homework for a while before I went back to school, I felt so guilty being at home when I should have been at school. I have a conscience like none other, I can never skip school, I can never loosen up.

I only went to fourth and fifth period, which are my favorite ones, so that made my day good, but what made it better is that I had driven onto the island, so I didn't have to take the school bus to the dock. I got to drive! i took my friend Maren and another girl, Brianna, with me. Brianna is a friend of a friend of mine- and she is absolutely insane. I was laughing my head off for half the car ride because she says the craziest things. We went to Thriftway and bought food then went and sat in the ferry line (after dropping Brianna off). While I was waiting for the ferry to come, Maren and I ate Halloween candy, chicken strips, and drank Vanilla Coke and Jones soda and talked about how happy we were that it was the first day of fall. And then I told her the story about the first day of Summer for me this year- la fete de la musique back in Annecy. It was such a crazy happy night for me, and everytime I tell people about it they can hardly believe that things like that really happen. And honestly, I can't either. Three months ago was I really over there? Doing that?


I never stop doing homework, which is why I haven't written anything. But I'm beginning to feel guilty for neglecting this blog, I'll try to do a little better.

Going back to school was so depressing. I really wasn't happy at all, the people were trashy, the classes were irritating, I just couldn't stand it. That lasted the first day, now I'm realizing that being a senior is a pretty sweet deal. Its so nice to have that little bit of power. Not like I'm abusing it... hehehe. For some reason, I feel more comfortable than ever before at my school, even though I don't know half of the students because I was gone so long. I think people are happy that I'm back, which definetly boosts my morale.

On my first day of school (the really terrible one) I was in a bad bad bad mood. But then my friend Sophie cheered me up, I got my first peice of mai from France!! She sent me three absolutely amazing CDs that she made perfectly for me. There is nothing else in the world that made me happier than the moment that I saw those (and listened to them, they are brilliant). My music taste changed so much last year, Sophie (and Gilles and Hugo) were the people who really made me realize what I like. It felt good to feel a little love on that day that I felt so completely alone.



Best weekend!

I worked for five hours on Friday, then I went straight to my friend Christine's cabin on Lake Wenatchee. I spent the next day sitting around doing nothing which was a brilliant way to end the summer. Relaxing. For me it wasn't even the "last weekend of the summer" but the last weekend of freedom. I've had summer for the past 15 months, its hard to end.

Then we went to Bumbershoot. Seattle's biggest music fesival. On Sunday I saw the Pharcide, Talib Kweli, Common, the Posies, Mofro, and Israel Vibrations. Common and Talib Kweli were amazing, I am now a huge fan of both of them. We stayed from noon till 11pm. In the middle it started pouring down rain, which I was not prepared for, I didn't have a coat and I was wearing flipflops. My flipflops broke. I must be a hard walker or something, the thing between the toes snapped and the shoe completely fell apart. Then I was walking barefoot in the rain in Seattle Center. I managed to beg the guys at the ducttape wallet stand to lend me some duct tape and my friend taped my shoe to my foot.

Annnnddd on Monday I went back to Bumbershoot and saw the Decemberists (good!!), Dashboard Confessional (ehhhh.), Kinski (very good, but I wish they'd sing...), and the Brazilian Girls (fun). It was a pretty damn amazing weekend.


I finally have a job, selling bread and sandwiches and coffee and things. Honestly, for a "first job" its a pretty good deal. I could be scrubbing things or scaling fish, or working in a factory, instead of making lattees and selling cinnamon rolls.

Yesterday was my first day of work, well, my "training". I have never had so much information thrown at me at once. I have no clue how I'll get everything into my head. I need to memorize the ingredients to 25 or so breads/pasteries, learn where everything is and where everything goes, how to use the bread slicer, how to work the cash machine, and all these other little things. The worst part is working at the counter... I'm a good talker, I'm great at working with people, but right now I'm so unconfident with what I'm selling that I'm terrible. I guess I've only worked for two hours, so I'll improve.


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