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Sooo, its been a while since I've posted anything here. I think thats going to change now.

Exciting fucking Thanksgiving for me! On Wednesday I finished my finals at school (they were hard, but I think I did really well) and it was time to relax. This whole weekend is supposed to be dedicated to filling out college applications to Chapman and the University of Washington. I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to that, I've managed to fill out everything but the essays, which are (of course) the hardest parts. So I decided to celebrate on Weds by going out with Christine and some of her friends from her school. She had free passes to the majestic bay theater in Ballard, so we saw Harry Potter (which I had already seen). I was so tired during the movie, I nearly fell asleep. I got back to Christine's house in West Seattle at about 1:20am. I got in my truck and started driving home. I was looking down, changing the music, when the car ahead of me stopped at a red light. I didn't notice the red light in time... I slammed on the brakes and then smashed into them. My front bumper is totally messed up, their car is totalled. I had to call my parents at 1:30am Thanksgiving morning and tell them that their responsable daughter had crashed her car. Everyone is ok though. Thats a plus.

Then there was Thursday, the big Thanksgiving that I thought would be terrible. I actually turned out to have a great time, we went to the house of some friends in Kent and had a delicious dinner. I really missed Thanksgiving last year, I love being together with my family for that.

Friday morning was the big parade in downtown Seattle. Seattle has a Macy's Parade too, its the day after Thanksgiving, not Thanksgiving morning. We don't have big balloons like the New York Parade, but it still is pretty damn impressive. My dad makes ads for Macys, so I'm pretty much always part of the parade. This year I was a clown. It rained, but its still fun to give candy to the little kids and see them smile. Downtown Seattle is just jammed with people the day after Thanksgiving- its insane. I tried to go shopping, I grabbed some really cheap clothes at Old Navy but I would have had to wait in line an hour to buy them so I passed. Then Friday night I went to my friend Kaitlin's party, got wasted and made out with some random boy.

Saturday and Sunday were spent working diligently on college applications.


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