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I have never realized how much school pride my school has until homecoming. We had such an amazingly crazy week. I played dodgeball in front of the whole school, my team won. We lost our football game, but I still had so much fun... this is what I missed!!
The dance was by far the best dance I've ever been to, before it I went downtown to dinner with some friends, and afterwards I went to a big party. The only drama for me was afterwards, when my date drove himself home drunk. He was supposed to be the designated driver, so I had to get another friend to drive me and some friends to a girls house. I have never been so worried in my life, I had no idea if my date was ok or not till the next afternoon.

I found out yesterday that Emilien is coming to visit in December! I talked to his host mom, he is really coming.


I took the SAT this morning. It pretty much chewed up my soul and spit it out. I don't even really think its a hard test, all in all, I just think that the fact that it lasts SO LONG and just keeps on going is terrible. After two hours of the same sort of questions my eyes glazed over. I couldn't understand what correct english was or how to do the simplest math questions because I was so brain dead. The last word of my essay was "Furthermore," which is NOT how an essay ends. I'm sick too, I cough all the time like crazy, the test proctor kept giving me coughdrops- they really did help, but I think maybe they somehow drugged me into that lifeless state I was in. I was at the testing place from 7:30 am to 1:30 am.

Then I went to work.

Then I bought CDs! I deserved to spend some money after such a stressful week. I bought the new Blackalicious CD- "The Craft", Mos Def and Talib Kweli are... BlackStar, and "Takk" by Sigur Ros. I've decided to marry an Icelandic man so my children will be cute and able to fly like in the Glósóli video.

And now I'm babysitting... so pretty much, I work, work, work, work, work.

I went to a college fair on saturday with my friends, and I had lots of fun, but the whole college application process (and surviving this deadly year) is beginning to get to me.


I spent the last weekend in Oregon. I guess I went under this illusion that leaving Seattle for the weekend would some how relax me. I've been so uptight recently, I'm ready to snap, the school drama and homework is finally beginning to hit me. I miss sleeping, I hate staying up studying, worrying about SATs and colleges and AP Government. And I hate worrying about who likes me and who doesn't and who did what and who kissed who. I got some pictures that were taken of me in France developed today... and looking at them, it makes me kind of sad because I realize I was a whole lot happier then.

I did have some fun, however. A week ago me and three of my best friends drove to Belfair and saw our high school play against North Mason. I had so much fun, just being with my friends, cheering and dancing. My school lost 40-6, but its BEING there with people I love that matters.(It was also pretty crazy to think that Gilles was there every day a few years ago)

Oregon was nice too, I suppose. Instead of doing my homework in my room at home, I did it on a beautiful beach... until it started to rain. But its Oregon, and just like in Washington, its still beautiful when it rains. Maybe its even more beautiful in the rain than in the sun.


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Throwin' up the VI at North Mason with some of my friends.


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