almost jumping

Oh Canada...

I had some issues uploading pictures, here are a few that I took when I was in Canada last week

Me at Whistler (closed eyes... sorry)

The BEST RUN EVER!! Blackcomb Glacier (@ Whistler/Blackcomb), over 10kms of sheer bliss. See the tiny black dots on it? Those are people, I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!

View from the viewpoint on the way back to Vancouver from Whistler
Sittin' on a log near Eric's house. We went on a little walk in this little forest by his house, smashed our way through trees and bushes, and ended up at this cool creek.
Eric and an Icicle. It was chilly.

Night snowboarding at Grouse Mountain, it was crazy up here, it always seemed like we were about to sail out into the city
In the Grouse Mountain Lodge
People smashed through Eric's window to try and steal our snowboards! We got quite lucky, nothing was taken, they must have been scared away.


Rabbit Fur Coat

Hells yeahhhh. I got tickets to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins!!!!!!!(@ neumos, weds March 8, 2006). For once I actually scored tickets to something I really really really want to see.

annnnd facebook made it so high school kids can now be friends with college kids. Is it sad that this made me really excited? I'm sorry I'm such a loser.


I know it isn't Friday, but I have a serious lack of creativity today, so voila, The Friday Five.

1) When does liking someone a lot become loving that person?

When you get excited when you think of talking to him or seeing him, when you wonder about his opinion about things all the time. When you look at him and feel good inside, and want to talk to him for hours. I have high expectations for the people I love.

2) Is there a job you would do for free, and is it your current job?

Its not my current job. Lets see. I would act on Broadway for free. If I was on stage, singing and acting in front of people all day, I would be sublimely happy. Either that, or if I had a job where I could travel all over the world.

3) What is one person/thing that inspired you to take action of some sort?

My friends Flaminia and Anna inspired me to live abroad.

4) Though you might not believe in it, would you like fate to exist?

Yes, and I do believe it exists.

5) What's the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for you?

One time when I was in middle school I was waiting at the bus stop in White Center (aka the ghetto of Seattle) for my bus home, a little Mexican lady came off the bus. It was winter and I was shivering cold. As I was about to step onto the bus, she handed me her transfer so I wouldn't have to pay the bus fare. I could tell that she was very poor, and it just seemed so sweet to me that she would make an effort to help me. I know many people have been kind to me in my life, thats just one thing that sticks out right now. Honestly, the kindest thing anyone has done for me would be my friend Hugo letting me live with him.


I'm lonely.


police chase!

I'm still amazed at how fast time passes. One second I was up in Canada, the next I was in Seattle at a terrible heavy metal concert. I tagged along with my friend to see a band that she is friends with play. Before they played I had to sit through three terrible screamo bands. They were just boring, everything was the same. I guess I just don't appreciate people screaming and calling it music. And then my friend left me to go make out with some drummer, so I was left alone. I don't really fit in well at heavy metal concerts. I mean, I didn't go there dressed in a pink miniskirt or anything, but I wasn't dressed head to toe in black like everyone else. And when my friend (who looks more hardcore than i do) left, i had no one to talk to. When you look kinda preppy at a concert, people don't approach you. I hate that people think that the way you look defines what kind of music you like. I may not dress like it, but yeah, I DO like rock music. I'm never going to change the way I look just because of the type of music I listen to. So there. After being left alone for a while, the bassist from the band that we were there to see came out and found me and took me backstage to meet my friend and hang around with the band. That was fun. And then, after several hours of bad music, they played. I was impressed, these boys (The Quiet City) are only 17 and 18, but they are pretty good. It was more punk than screamo, which made me happy. I'm definetly glad I went. After the concert we helped them pack up their instruments and then we went out to Denny's. It was probably 1 am. I didn't know where the Denny's was that they wanted to go to, so I followed the guitarist. We got on to I-5 and he went speeding down the freeway, way faster than the speed limit. Then he started changing lanes, back and forth, all across the freeway. And I followed him, weaving back and forth. Then came a police car, who pulled them over! I'm lucky they didn't pull me over as well. Anyway, the boy just told the police that he was completely sober and he was just driving crazy to piss his friend, who was following him (me), off. The police let him go, and we made it to Denny's where we drank hot cocoa and ate croutons. It was a fun night.

Yesterday I dragged myself out of bed after a few hours to follow another friend (actually, the sister of the girl I went to the concert with) to her school. She goes to the UW. I went everywhere with her for the day and we had a great time, I loved her history class- we learned about the bubonic plague, and it was really fun to go to her french class. I talked to her professor afterwards and she said my French was probably better than hers... which is not true at all, her accent is parfait. But I was really flattered. I love the UW, its weird for me to think that I could be a student there...

Ahh! What will I do with my life!!
(Joyeux Anni Gilles! Tu me manques.)


j'adore tim hortons!

I just got back from a great weekend at Eric's house in Vancouver. We had a spectacular day of snowboarding at Whistler on my first day there. I've never been to Whistler, I loved it, I understand now why its so popular (and expensive). We spent the next day sitting around, watching French movies, and meeting his friends. On my last day we went downtown (I needed to go shopping, I'm a girl, what can I say) and then went night snowboarding at Grouse Mountain. Pictures will be up soon... I forgot my laptop charger at school, so my laptop is dead for the week. After vacation is over I'll finally get it to work again. I don't know how I'm going to handle life without it.

I was supposed to go visit emilien today... then he stopped answering my emails. I had my mom call his host family and I got a huge shock... he was sent home to France. I feel so incredibly bad for him, he's such a great guy, I don't know how this could happen! I was so excited to see him, now hes too far.


by the way...

forgot to mention this:

on valentine's day, i was eating lunch in the cafeteria with the rest of my school when a boy walked in to the room and said in a loud voice "some kid is ducttaped to the goalposts!". The ENTIRE school got up simultaniously and walked out the doors, across the courtyard, and to the football feild. Then we all stopped and stared at some freshman kid who was ducttaped-- all wrapped up with tap like a mummy-- to the goal post at the far end of the feild. It was quite comical. Apparently the kid actually volunteered to do it, which was probably pretty smart. I mean, he's just some silly little freshman who nobody knew. Now everyone knows his name-- or at least that he's the kid who was ducttaped to the goal post.


whoop de doo!

This is where I'll be tomorrow night! Vive Canada! I'm pumped to see my friends from France. I'm spending my mid-winter break snowboarding and partying in the Great White North.

One thing I'm not so excited about... if I want to visit Emilien I'm going to have to sit on a Greyhound bus by myself for six hours... thats a long time and a long way to go by myself. I'm all for new adventures though.



It’s the most beautiful Valentine’s Day ever. I’m single, but being alone on Valentine’s Day has never really phased me. I mean, I’d love to have a Valentine to give me flowers and hold my hand, but I’m not broken up about it. I made some rice krispy treats with pink M& Ms in them and gave them to all my friends. Every one passed out tons of candy and cupcakes today, I’m feeling sick. One of my friends burned CDs for Valentine’s instead of candy, which I think is an amazing idea.

This is what is new:
1) I was accepted to the University of Washington. So I’m definitely going to college next year. AHHHH!
2) I bought a snowboard, boots, bindings and goggles… now I just need to find time to go snowboarding… and money for lift tickets
3) They bumped me up to a much better role in the school play, I’m going to perform amazingly and make them wish they did it sooner.
4) I have a new job that I love, and everyone that works with me loves me too. Except maybe the chef. He seems a little hard to handle. The work is very, very difficult. Its way too much for me, actually, I cannot physically handle it. If I didn’t speak French, I know they wouldn’t have hired me. (It’s a French restaurant).
5) The Olympics are on TV! I love the Olympics.

Today was career day, throughout the day we listened to assorted guest speakers talk. My first set of speakers spoke about Media Arts and communications. It was really interesting… people were there from PR firms, voice over people, and media production. The next one was social sciences, something I think I’m very interested in, but I found it so boring. They had an economist, a psychologist, and an urban planner speak. Maybe its just that the speakers weren’t good, but it made me reevaluate whether or not I want to go into the social sciences. The last session was the best, performing arts. They had a dancer, actor, musician, and a makeup/costume person there; everyone was amazing. I wish I had the drive to drop everything and be an actress.

Dentist, then work from 5-11 at the most romantic restaurant in Seattle on Valentine’s Day. Crazinesss.

Who wants to be my Valentine?


is nothing sacred?

The OC just had music from Rocky Votolato and Sufjan Stevens on it.

tt le monde ici est super contente--- en fin, il fait beau!! le ciel est bleu! il n'y a pas de nuages! il fait pas super froid! les montagnes sont couverts de neige, et la mer scintille.

aujourd'hui j'ai raté EPS pour aller faire du shopping avec des copines. ça faisait du bien d'etre dehors dans le soleil. j'en ai marre de mes etudes a ce moment... c'est bizarre pour moi. je suis vraiment une fille qui aime bosser, qui aime apprendre, mais maintenant, je m'en fiche. i have senioritis, and i have it bad.

il y a tous les etudiants d'echange qui rentrent... une fille qui était en australie, un mec qui était en japon, et un autre garçon qui était en costa rica. ils étaient dans les echanges pendant 4 ou 5 mois, pas tout l'an comme moi et mes amis. meme si ils étaient la seulement 4 ou 5 mois, je vois qu'ils sont super triste d'etre revenus. je voudrais leur dire que tout sera bien avec un peu de temps. la fille, elle est gentille, trop superficielle, mais sympa quand meme. je parle avec elle chaque jour et elle me dis ses histoires d'australie! j'adore ca, j'adore ecouter ses histoires. ça me fait beaucoup penser de mes adventures en france.

Elle est belle, la vie.


There's Always Next Year

Well, we lost but we still are pretty proud. This is the first time Seattle has ever been to a SuperBowl. I am proud to say that I spent three hours sitting on the couch eating greasy potato chips, drinking beer, and screaming obscenities at the tv. Fuck those refs!

Yesterday was brilliant, the sky was blue for the first time in two months. I went to my new job for most of the day, I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to get there, but I'm glad I did it. I love working downtown, I loved seeing my beautiful city shining in the sunlight. Walking around the city in the morning before work I almost felt like I was in a foreign country, there was this still silence, interrupted by birds chirping. The city was dead-- it was SuperSunday morning, after all.

In completely unrealated news... I think its pretty damn awesome that a boy from VASHON is gonna be on the Real World: Key West. On TV! a VHS grad! wowza.


100 Best First Lines from Novels

I am an invisible man. —Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man (1952)

Mother died today. —Albert Camus, The Stranger

If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth. —J. D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (1951)

They shoot the white girl first. —Toni Morrison, Paradise (1998)

The moment one learns English, complications set in. —Felipe Alfau, Chromos (1990)

A screaming comes across the sky. —Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow (1973)


I woke up this morning to the most horrible noise! Static! Finally, after months of warning, KEXP stopped broadcasting on 91.7. It only comes in on 90.3 now... and we can't get that at my house. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the morning without that magnificent radio station. I'll just have to stream it online.

Also... state of the Union... Bush, you suck, what is going on in your head?

I've now fully applied to seven colleges. Only one left, UBC. And I researched lots, it doesn't matter what school I go to, every one of them has some program with an exchange to Sciences Po or La Sorbonne. So I WILL go to Paris eventually.


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